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Organizing | Good news and bad news

In my previous post I mentioned the bad news about organizing. For instance,

  • It’s like exercising.
  • Organizing tools don’t make you organized.
  • It takes time.
  • You can only put if off for so long.

Organizing | The good news

organized desk
Organizing every space ( Pixabay)

Organizing | You can do it anywhere

Any space can use a little organizing. Thing about your wallet, car, at home, in your office, your travel carry-on and suitcase, tote bag, backpack, emergency/first aid kit, and more.

Organizing | The only real cost is time

There is no need to purchase organizing supplies and tools for general organizing tasks. As you purge old files, you can repurpose the folders. You can utilize unused plastic containers that or ones that don’t have lids to organize smaller items in drawers. After you donate shoes you no longer wear, use the boxes to temporarily organize photos, smaller wires and cables, and  crafting supplies.

Organizing | Good for your health

Organizing and decluttering enable you to have only items that are fresh, unexpired and healthy to use. Having less “stuff” makes cleaning easier. Less dust means cleaner breathing. Less clutter means better airflow and less mold.

Organizing | Good for your safety

Organizing and decluttering help to eliminate piles of items that can potentially fall over. Tiered shelves reduce deep stacks. Remove trip hazards on floors, stairs and in entryways by creating a place to put things when they are not in use. Cable and cord ties prevent tripping as well. Safety is a critical benefit of being organized.

Organizing | There are free resources

Organizing resources can be found at the local library, bookstores, and online. There are resources and information on how to organize and how to stay organized. Online you can learn from podcasts, blogs and webinars. Check community centers for events on e-waste recycling, shredding and speakers who are Professional Organizers.

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