Organizing before surgery

Denise Levine in hospital gown

Organizing before surgery (image: Outside In Organizer)

Organizing before surgery

Organizing before surgery was always something that someone else needed until…it was something that I needed! As a Personal Professional Organizer I discovered that there were at least 4 different aspects of organizing:

  • What you need to do to be prepared.
  • What you need to bring to the hospital.
  • What information or items others need to have access to during your recovery.
  • How to prepare your home for when you return.

You can print out this post or get out your pad or tablet and start listing these organizing tips. The importance of having information in writing for yourself, your medical team, and your support team cannot be emphasized enough. Disclosure is also important. By that I mean share the written information with your surgeon and medical staff as well as with key family members and friends. It takes a team to support you and these people are your team. Let them help because they want to do so.I usually preach “less is more” however in this case the more the details that are specified the better. Sometimes it is difficult to remember details when the anticipation of surgery is looming so start organizing as early as possible before your surgery.

Organizing before surgery


Organizing before surgery ( photostock)

Organizing tips for things to do before your surgery are listed below. Make sure that you click on the RSS feature of my website in order to receive the upcoming detailed versions of this list directly into your inbox (it will be the icon at the top that looks like sound waves). Organizing the following information and to-do’s will help you feel more in control and hopefully reduce your stress.

  • Create/update your medical history binder.
  • List current medications and supplements.
  • Organize your passwords.
  • Organize your account information.
  • Notify the post office, credit card companies.
  • Organize important documents.
  • Make spare keys.
  • Organize your contact information; family, friends.
  • Organize your home, especially the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Assess your home for safety and access.
  • Provide for pet care, if applicable.
  • Update your email and voicemail messages.

Help organizing before surgery

As a Personal Professional Organizer I can help you to create a system for organizing all of this information. There is no need to feel overwhelmed with when and how to start. I would encourage you to call me whether or not you or a friend anticipate surgery. Organizing before a crisis is always the best way to proceed towards a clutter-free life.