Organizing books | What I am reading

Organizing books can be inspiring but you have to read them and apply the principles. If you are interested in reading productivity and organizing books here is my humble feedback on the ones that I’ve read. Organizing books are no different that others in the sense that what resonates with one person may not with another. The point is to find something that works for you and gets you started on your path to organizing and productivity.

In the spirit of decluttering and organizing

  • Buy a used copy
  • Take it out of the library
  • Load it on your eBook

Organizing books | Organizing your stuff

One of my all time favorites is Organizing from the inside out

This classic must-have for all Professional Organizers and wannabees is by written by our organizing guru, Julie Morgenstern. Julie’s system on how to get (and stay) organized will never be outdated.

Organizing books | Time management

Time management from the inside out

Another organizing and time management book from Julie Morgenstern, who was my time management coach, is excellent. Clients find that it is easier said than done because it involves changing old habits and using your schedule on a daily basis. For those who are committed, it is a foolproof system.

Organizing books | Touch it once

Getting things done

David Allen’s practical approach is a winner for people who are committed to getting things done! Worth the read.

Organizing books | Live happier, healthier

The hoarder in you

You may not struggle with hoarding behaviors or know someone who does but the insights are invaluable for anyone who struggles with too much stuff. It has something for everyone who shops, accumulates, and collects.

Organizing books | Trending now

The life changing magic of tidying up

This book is the rage and Marie Kondo is delightful (have you watched her Netflix series?). The idea of whether or not your items spark joy does not speak to everyone though. If it works for you that’s all that matters. Using her folding method doesn’t make you organized, but it has advantages for some. There are no silver bullets but the book is great for DIY-ers.

Organizing books | Downsizing

Downsizing the family home

Lots of anecdotes, a few bits of wisdom, and some humor. We can all embrace beginning the process for ourselves as well as finding some tips for our parents’ homes.