Clutter…Is it Ruining Your Love Life?

glasses on stack of open books

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Take it from your San Diego Personal & Professional Organizer, clutter and organizing do not mix. Clutter can cause:

  • Stress in your relationships
  • Feelings of incompetence or shame
  • Wasted time looking for important items & papers
  • Health & safety hazards.

Don’t let clutter ruin your love life. The benefits of organizing are that it establishes systems and routines that help you continue to declutter and stay organized. Unlike your love life, when it comes to your “stuff”, variety isn’t always the spice of life. If you are always looking for items such as your keys, glasses or important papers here are some of my Organizing Do’s and Don’t s. Check out my previous blog: 7 Clutter Prevention Tips

Clutter Do’s:

  • Have a dedicated place for everything. Read Dorothy Breininger’s blog: Organizing Your Entryway for more organizing tips.
  • Put items in back in the same place every time. It doesn’t matter where that place is as long as it makes sense to you and you are consistent in using it.
  • Have a back up. Examples: Keep spare eyeglasses in specific rooms as well as your vehicle. Keep spare keys in a safe place.
  • Schedule time to reduce clutter on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.

Clutter Don’t s:

  • Change purses frequently. Organizing Tip: If you “must”, use one of those inserts to organize your purse.
  • Purchase more than you need. That contributes to clutter.
  • Rely on shopping for something you know that you have and cannot find.
  • Get frustrated or self critical. Mindful Organizing Tip: When you are looking for the item & cannot find it, pause, take a breath, and mentally retrace where you last saw/had it.
  • Mindlessly drop or pile items just anywhere. Mindful Organizing Tip: Return items intentionally to their “homes”.