Organizing Gift Supplies

Organizing Gift Supplies

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Organizing Gift Supplies image: Outside In Organizer

Organizing gift supplies doesn’t need to wait until just before the holidays. Get all, and I mean all, of your supplies together from every space in the house. Here’s a list of common items:

  • Wrapping paper – rolls and sheets
  • Gift bags, boxes
  • Gift tags, labels
  • Ribbon, bows, other decorative embellishments
  • Tissue paper, other types of stuffing
  • Shipping supplies – bubble wrap, mailers
  • Tape, all types

This month my goal is to inspire you to get a head start on organizing projects and avoid thinking in terms of a summer organizing projects to-do list. Of course you can always hire a Professional Organizer like myself, but why not try my DIY Organizing Tips like this one?


crumpled tissue paper

Purge Damaged Supplies ( gubgib)

When organizing gift supplies make a commitment to purge all of the wrinkled, torn, and damaged supplies. How would you feel if you received a gift wrapped in something stained? If you have unopened packages and rolls of supplies that you no longer plan to think about donating these items.

Group “like” items

Store like items together. One of the benefits of this step in the organizing process is that you know how much of specific items that you already have. This can save you a lot of money. Make a commitment to use as many of the gift supplies that you have before purchasing more. When supplies are on sale (off-season) you can stock up on what you need.

Location, location, location

Organize gift supplies in an area where you are likely to wrap items, if at all possible. Here are some creative ideas for organizing and storing these types of items. If you don’t have a permanent flat surface that is clear most of the time you can consider purchasing a seamstress’ cutting board which folds up and stores easily.

rolls of gift paper

Gift Supplies Organizing Storage

Storage Products

Larger gift supplies need to be contained differently than smaller ones. Avoid using deep containers for the smaller items so that you can easily protect and see the contents. I suggest that you buy smaller clear bins such as plastic shoe boxes. They are stack-able and because they are clear you don’t have to label them. Both are a more efficient for your time management and space!


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