Organizing Goals

Organizing Goals

Container of papers

Organizing Papers (image: Outside In Organizer)

Organizing goals are ongoing because life is constantly changing. When we accept that concept and trust that organizing is a process not an end point, life is much easier. As your Personal Professional Organizer I would like to offer you these 5 organizing goals for the new year:

Organizing Goal #1: Accumulate less clutter

Clutter accumulates when you bring and and hold on to more than you can store or use. You can begin bringing less items into your home by limiting your spending. It is helpful to identify your shopping habits and spending behaviors. What are the triggers that invite you to spend mindlessly? I often hear people tell me that they shop when they are bored. It can be critical if that is true for you, to avoid online shopping and shopping in bulk. If you are a regular or compulsive shopper it will likely take you awhile to change this behavior. If necessary, return any items that you purchased impulsively as soon as possible. We call this self-correction.

Organizing Goal #2: Let go of existing clutter

clutter in room

Reduce clutter (image: Outside In Organizer)

Donate, sell, re-gift or return any items that you don’t need, want, use or like. Remind yourself that there is no reason to feel guilty about letting things go because someone else will benefit from receiving or buying these items. By holding on to the things that you don’t use or want accumulate you are actually wasting them, as well as the space that they take up. You can also reduce clutter simply by using up the items that you already have and not replacing them.

Organizing Goal #3: Maintain clear horizontal spaces

Maintaining clear, clutter-free horizontal spaces including all of the floors, counter tops, desk surfaces, the bed, seating, and coffee tables will immediately create a clutter-free and more organized environment. Remember that the maintenance of clutter-free zones depends upon several factors:

  • Reasonable amount of inventory.
  • Adequate amount of storage.
  • Creating a designated place for everything.

Organizing Goal #4: Create, use organizing systems

Storage containers

Designate a place to store (image: Outside In Organizer)

Establish a place for everything so that everything can go back to its place when you are finished using them. This will help you to maintain those clear surfaces when you pick up after yourself. It is more likely that you will put items back in their “home” if it is in a convenient location and near to where you use them.

Organizing Goal #5: Shelter items in place

By this I mean contain items. For instance, have a designated container for keys or eyeglasses. Store smaller reusable grocery bags in one large one. Use an old laundry basket or hamper for donations until you are ready to take them away. After you purge what you no longer need it is very helpful to have shelter for items, especially smaller ones. You can use storage containers that you already own and are now available after decluttering. Shoe boxes, baskets, bins, file folders, envelopes, gift boxes, and packing boxes make great containers for a variety of items. Use what you have before you purchase new ones; we call this re-purposing.

The 5 organizing goals are basic, easy to implement strategies for living your organized life!