Organizing Holiday Cards

Organizing Holiday Cards

Holiday Cards

Holiday Cards ( digitalarts)

Organizing holiday cards to mail to family and friends is not an outdated tradition and yet it seems that many of us send less each year than we used to previously. This year I’m going to sending some, to a select few, and share my organizing holiday card tips with you.

Organizing holiday cards tip:

Organizing holiday cards starts with the basics, a list of recipients. If you haven’t already, it is good to update or create a mailing list with the names of the people, and their addresses, that you are sending cards to this year. Remember to indicate the year that you updated your list.

Organizing holiday cards tip:

Even if you do not send them out in time for the December holidays, remember that it is never too late to send them. It’s nice to receive New Year’s cards. One year I suggested that a client take her mailing list, cards and postage on a flight that she was taking in December. Instead of doing something else for several hours she could use some of that undisturbed time to write messages and address her cards. When she landed they were ready to be mailed. The point here is to make the task easy to do and more pleasurable.

Holiday cards

Holiday Cards ( nirots)

Organizing holiday cards tip:

Holiday cards are available in various options such as crafting an email newsletter, hand written cards, photo cards, pre-printed cards with messages, or online cards (Jib Jab, Send Out). Any of these options can be personalized as much or as little as you choose.

Alternative holiday card options:

Personal phone calls. Schedule a block of time weekly to start making calls to those you want to wish happy holidays to, instead of sending cards.
Social media. You might decide to post a video holiday greeting to reach more people and personalize your greetings that way.

More holiday organizing tips:

For more tips to save time and reduce stress during the holiday season check out my blog post: Organized During the Holidays

In the meantime, happy holidays from Outside In Organizer and Makeovers!