Organizing Hurdles, What do you need to overcome?

Maybe you’ve tried organizing and given up. Perhaps, you don’t know where to start. Before you take action and start the process of organizing you want to identify any potential hurdles…we all have them! There are different kinds, see if any of these sound like you:

  • External: physical space, physical stamina, resources and supplies, amount of “stuff”
  • Internal: perceptions about time it would take or the time you have available, attitudes about success or failure, attitudes about what being organized means

These are just some of the factors to consider. There are some great books that you can purchase or borrow to help you with both external and internal aspects of the organizing process. You can also discuss them with a Professional Organizer, such as Outside In Organizer and Makeovers! TIP: Work to your strengths and align with your needs. One size doesn’t not fit all.


Over, around, through?