Organizing medical history binder

Organizing medical history binder

Organizing medical history binder is critical for maintaining and reporting accurate and current medical information. It can be difficult to remember the dates and details and so it’s worth creating a binder for you and each person in your family. Updating the information on a regular basis will help you to remember when to schedule the exams when they are due according to your age and health status.

Medical history binder


Organizing medical history binder (, tung)

Organizing medical information begins with creating or updating a medical history binder. Here are my organizing tips to help you to create an effective medical history binder that is easy to maintain. The binder would include information and copies of documents that help you track important medical information including:

  • Your medical and your family’s medical history including illnesses and age of onset.
  • Your blood type.
  • List of any allergies.
  • List of current medications and supplements including dosages. Include all of the medications and supplements that you are taking on a regular and on as needed basis. Write the individual prescription numbers, the name, address and phone number of your pharmacy, as well as the prescribing physician(s). This is a great list to put in your carry on bag when you travel, too.
  • Dates medical examinations and procedures were conducted including results.
  • When the next exam or test is due.
  • Copies of your health insurance card (both sides).

How to use your medical history binder


Organizing medical history binder (, tungphoto)

During the many office visits I made prior to surgery I found it helpful to have the updated medical history binder with me. You don’t have to be a Personal Professional Organizer to create, maintain and update your binder. Of course, I can help you to create one if you are overwhelmed or procrastinating.

Be sure to carry your binder with you so that it is useful. Leaving it on a shelf is not recommended. Of course if you are more of a digital person you can create your binder online, too. Organizing tips for how to use your medical history binder:

  • Bring the binder to each doctor visit.
  • Include written test results; replace older ones with current ones.
  • Refer to the binder when completing forms for your physicians, dentist, insurance companies, job applications, if requested, etc.
  • Share a copy with a trusted family member or friend, especially your Health Care Proxy.
  • Include a copy of your Living Will and Advanced Health Care Directive.
  • Store your binder in a safe, waterproof location that is easily accessible in the event of an emergency or disaster so that you grab it and bring it with you.

Next steps

This may not be the most fun topic to think about but you will be happy to have a medical history binder. As your San Diego Professional Organizer I would be happy to help you by phone, Skype or in person with getting started today.