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Organizing photos can be an ongoing and long term project. Don’t try to do it all at once. It is detail work that requires time and patience, and like other organizing can be emotional. Here are some step by step organizing tips for organizing photos yourself. If you decide to work with a Professional Organizer who specializes on organizing photos go through these steps first. This can save you money spent for those services.

Organizing tips | Photos

These tips will help even if most of your photos are still on your phone begin with Step 1.

blurred photo
Purge blurred photos ( surasakiiStock)

Step 1: Purge all photos that…

  • Are blurry
  • Duplicates (tip: send duplicates to people who would enjoy them)
  • Only show the back of people’s heads
  • Don’t make you smile
  • Are too far away from the subject
  • Make you wonder why you took them!

Step 2: Sort photos that you decided to keep in ways that make sense to you. For instance, you can sort by…

  • The primary or only person in the photo
  • The year the photo was taken
  • The location in which the photo was taken
  • The event
photo album
Display photos ( Suat Eman)

Step 3: Decide how you are going to display and store the photos. Consider which ones you want to store digitally and/or in hard copies.

  • Scan some but not all photos that are most meaningful.
  • Display photos in frames and rotate them every 6-12 months.
  • Create albums with photos and look at them!
  • Make sure that physical albums are appropriate for photos, protecting them from fading.

Step 4: Create a system. Are you going to begin organizing photos that are loose, in boxes, on your phone or computer? There is no right or wrong but having a system in place will help you break down this daunting project into manageable mini projects.

Once you create your system you can apply it to all future photos. For instance, immediately purge the blurred photos. Make organizing your photos a fun organizing project.

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