Organizing projects

Organizing projects can pile up…on your to-do lists, that is! If you really want to get them done you need more than a list, you need a plan. A plan will help you with:

  • Effective time management.
  • Improving productivity.
  • Creating a clutter-free environment.

Organizing projects are most successful when you break them down into smaller, mini-projects. Begin by clearly defining what you want to get done and be as specific as possible. Here’s an example of a project that is too general: Organizing project: organize my car. Now let’s be more specific: Organizing project: organize my car so that it is clutter-free, in good repair, safe to drive and clean.

Organizing projects | Easy steps to organize your car

car being towed
Organize your car (freedigital nitinut)

Let’s begin with a common and 1 of the easier organizing projects:

  • Declutter and clean out your car. Discard trash, wrappers, perishables and expired coupons.
  • Create or check your emergency kit.
  • Update your first aid kit.
  • Include a spare roll of toilet paper.
  • Replace batteries in flashlights.
  • Keep an extra phone charger and ear piece in your car.
  • Re-stock extra water bottles and non perishable snacks.
  • Check the air pressure in your tires and the washer fluid level.
  • Keep your gas tank at least half full.
  • Have extra reusable grocery bags and a thermal tote available.
  • Keep a supply of facial tissues, a roll of paper towels, hand sanitizer, and breath mints inside the car.

It’s all in the details

rolls of toilet paper
Organizing projects, supplies ( hyena reality)

Organizing projects usually require preparation and thinking about details such as how to get it done. Consider working with a Professional Organizer who can guide you in how to create your plan and execute it. She will ask helpful questions such as, What supplies will you need to finish your project successfully? How much time will each step take? Are there costs involved?

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