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Organizing Projects | Summer

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Organizing Project|Garage

Organizing projects can be done all year long. Do you have a list of the ones that you save for summer? Here are some of the projects that your San Diego Personal and Professional Organizer hears most often:

  • Garage – clear the clutter, organize items into containers, add shelving and cupboards, and resurface the floor.
  • Closets – clear the clutter, sort and reorganize items, add organizing products and tools such as hooks, cubbies, and bins
  • Home office – purge files, reorganize and update filing system, and shred documents.
  • Photos – thin out the number of photos, sort and label them, organize and scan photos. Convert VHS cassettes to DVDs.

Organizing Project:  Garage

Here are organizing tips from the Outside In Organizer and Makeovers guest blogger, Bri Lords, of Garage Medics:

Summertime is just around the corner and that means it’s finally nice enough outside to work on some organizing projects. You know the ones such as taming your landscaping, updating the front door, and cleaning out the garage. Those organizing projects sound daunting, but they don’t have to be. With a little time and organization any project can be completed this summer! We’ve broken down the best way to organize your garage to mark that project off your to-do list.

Assess Your Stuff: What do you actually need in the garage? Start by separating garage items into three groups, keep, trash, and donate. Be sure to donate items right away to avoid clutter buildup. Remove items that shouldn’t be stored in the garage like fabrics, propane tanks, or paper products. Fabrics and paper products can attract pests, while propane tanks could leak and result in harmful fumes. Once you have sorted the items, the next steps go far more smoothly.

Maximize Your Space: Many people simply pile boxes and loose items in the garage. This creates more trouble than the convenience is worth. Maximize the space in your garage by utilizing spaces that are typically forgotten, like walls and ceilings. Hanging items from the ceiling or investing in shelving gets items off the floor, avoiding damage in the case of extreme weather or the stray pest.

Create Zones: Organizing your garage like a store is a great way to keep everything straight. Store items that you grab on the go next to the garage door into the house. This would be a great place to keep backpacks or shoes. Group lawn care tools near the garage door for easy access. Items that are typically transferred to the car, should be kept near the vehicle’s trunk. Those lesser used items, like holiday decorations or old high school memorabilia should be kept up high and out of the way.

Maintain: It’s important to keep up with your garage organization. Keep in mind, it’s easier to maintain organization than it is to start over. Put items away immediately after each use in order to keep your garage organized.

With an organized garage, you will be able to find the tools necessary for your summer projects as well as know which supplies to purchase to accomplish a task. Take back your garage and start marking projects off your to-do list today!

Thanks to Bri Lords, Garage Medics. For more information, sign up for my newsletter on Outside In Organizer.