DIY Organizing Projects

gift closet

Organized Gift Closet
(Image: Thrifty Thriving)

DIY Organizing Projects

DIY organizing projects are a great way to:

  • Take stock of what you already have,
  • what you need and will use,
  • what you want, and
  • what you are ready to let go of.

DIY organizing projects allow you to feel productive and creative. You realize the immediate benefits of organizing: clear space, energy flows. Here is a Jumpstart Organizing Project that you can do any time of year:

Organize a Gift Storage Space

A gift space or hideaway allows you to store the gifts that you purchase throughout the year. People do this as they see something that they think a person would like to have; they’re inspired. It’s also a great way to spread out your expenses, save money, and save time.  A gift hideaway keeps purchases safe, clean and hidden from potential recipients. Christy of Thrifty Thriving says:

“Make sure you have the room to store the gifts. I now have a closet in my garage, but I have previously kept the gifts in a Rubbermaid storage tote.” Read more

Steps for Organizing Gift Storage

  • Identify the space – Select a barely used closet or cupboard that is well ventilated, dry and has shelves.
  • Purchase supplies – Removable labels (helps you to remember who the item will go to), storage containers, etc.
  • Group “like” items – Remember to store the gifts in a way that makes sense to you. Examples are by person, holidays, special occasion.

If you need a little help to make a plan and get started, check out this service:

“Personal 3-Step DIY Action Plan” for organizing your home or office.

  • Create more space
  • Prioritize steps for de-cluttering
  • Organize, contain, label

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