Organizing secrets, shh

Unused items in garage

Space and money wasters


Did you know that accumulation of unused items can cause…

  • safety hazards
  • health hazards
  • inefficient use of space
  • financial damage
  • conflict in relationships
  • emotional stress
  • negative role models for children, and more?

It’s never too late to take charge of the “outside” and feel better “inside”. You don’t have to make excuses, feel ashamed, or assign blame any more. People accumulate a variety of items including those things they think they might need someday. Years later it is apparent that someday hasn’t arrived and the stuff is still taking up space.

Make a commitment to stop wasting space and your hard earned money starting today. Identify a space that you want to clear. Start small so that you feel a sense of relief and accomplishment. Perhaps the junk drawer in the kitchen is a starting place before you tackle the garage. Then set aside time and if possible, recruit help to get it done. Get rid of damaged, spoiled, infested, dust collecting, and generally unusable items. Clear out items that may topple over or cause you to trip. Take stock of what you have in the space and ask yourself, does it need to be stored in this space or are you more likely to use it if it is more accessible? Start using it and stop buying more until your stock is depleted. Don’t need it? Donate it, someone else will want it.

The secret to organizing? It’s a process. It’s never done. The key is getting a manageable system in place so that it is easier to maintain. What are you waiting for?