Organizing & Special Needs

As a Professional Organizer I am attuned to working with individuals who have special needs. That may include health issues, disabling conditions, aging, and emotional issues. All individuals have special needs to lesser and greater extents, and all of us can benefit from regularly organizing our space or our time. Some considerations…

  • Do you start things and get distracted, finding it difficult to finish tasks?
  • Do you feel scattered and don’t know where to start; feel overwhelmed or discouraged?
  • Are you frequently reaching and bending to access items that you use frequently?
  • Do you have difficulty estimating the time that you need to get places or get things done; often late for appointments?

The process of organizing may include ways to label and store items. Using clearly marked, easy to see labels and clear containers is often very helpful. Organizing for safety means placing items within easy reach and limiting the height of piles to prevent things from falling. It may also require removing items that pose a danger such as areea rugs. Lowering hooks and racks make it easier to hang clothing and backpacks up, too. Do you have a question about a situation you are contending with? Write or call me for assistance!