Organizing, Time Management Tips

Organizing, Time Management Tips

Organizing, time management tips should include time for actions that easily fit into your daily, weekly and monthly schedule. These actions, or small gestures, require vry little time and have BIG benefits to you and others. Time management is:

  • Learned behavior.
  • A set of functional skills.
  • Practiced routines that becomes a habits.

29 ways to be generous with your time

squares of chocolate

Make time for chocolate! (, phasin)

Organizing, time management tips include ways to fit generosity into your routines that are useful for improving self esteem, building positive relationships, and being a good role model for others. For instance, next time you go grocery shopping don’t forget to pick up some dark chocolate. Since you are likely to shop for groceries at least once a week or more, adding this particular item will only take an additional 2-3 minutes. You can manage 2-3 extra minutes at least once a month so that you can use today’s organizing, time management tip which is to leave a piece of chocolate on your partner’s pillow. Why would your San Diego Professional Organizer and Time Management Coach include this tip? Read this article: Some of the benefits of dark chocolate.

Organizing, time management tips and chocolate are perfect partners! First, there is the benefit of taking the time to do something kind for someone you care about. Then there are the benefits to one’s health as the previously mentioned article highlights. As a final note I am compelled to give those of you a way to use the tip if you don’t have a partner or significant other to use this with. Organizing, time management tips are for self nurturing, too. That means that if you are like me and live along, you can leave a piece of chocolate on your pillow! How sweet that you can take the time to indulge yourself.