Organizing, Time Management Tips

Organizing, time management tips

29 Ways to be Generous

Time Management Tips

Organizing, time management tips can for more than just work, household tasks, or errands. Organizing, time management tips can also serve the purpose of creating greater awareness about the need for balance in your life. This month I’ve talked about how little time it takes to be generous with your time. You can spend as little as 2 seconds and as much as 10 minutes to use any of these tips:

As a Time Management Coach and Professional Organizer my hope is to help you to organize your time to include tasks and activities that bring you personal satisfaction, too. Here is today’s…

thank you note and pen

Be generous with your time

Organizing, time management tips:

Write a thank you note. 3-5 minutes.  Tell them specifically why you are thanking them and let them know what it means to you. When was the last time you took just 3-5 minutes to sit down and hand write a thank you note? When you do it this time and in the future take the time to make it count. For instance, notice how what you write might make that person feel. It doesn’t have to be wordy or lengthy it simply needs to say what comes from your heart. Secondly, take notice of how it makes you feel to write it, seal and address it, select the “right” stamp, and to put it into the mailbox. Both you and the recipient will benefit from the generous use of your time.

Organizing, time management tips

Organizing, time management tips are about making things that you do more streamlined and anticipating what you need to do them. For example, buy thank you cards and stamps in bulk. Having supplies that you need on hand is a time saver. It’s also helpful to update your contacts and address book at least once a year.  Check out my other tips that you can find on my blog.