Organizing Tips For the Bedroom

Organizing Tips For the Bedroom | Why I like to start in the bedroom!


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Organizing tips for the bedroom are designed to make your life less stressful and your space more efficient. As your Personal and Professional Organizer I think you need a clutter-free sanctuary in order to relax, unwind, and sleep well. You don’t need a large bedroom or a lot of money to create this clutter-free and organized zone. What you do need is a clear idea of what kind of environment helps you relax. That may mean finding another home for the things that don’t belong in the bedroom. The bedroom is your space or perhaps shared with only 1 other person. This will make it easier to declutter and organize. Start to create a list of what your bedroom sanctuary will include.

Remember that the bedroom serves only 2 purposes, sleep and ahem, the other activity. My first organizing tip for the bedroom is to eliminate all of the items that are unrelated to sleep. Things related to other activities or people such as laundry, work, finance, children or extended family. If you must have an office space in your bedroom confine it to a small out of the way area that can be screened off when you go to sleep at night. Remember that less clutter and distraction is soothing and less IS more. Create a vision for what the space would look like if  you were just moving in to it.

5 More Organizing Tips for the Bedroom

  1. Purge
  2. Contain
  3. Accessorize
  4. Natural light
  5. Neutralize odors

Purge items that don’t belong in the bedroom for create more space and commit to not filling the empty spaces. Begin by clearing all of the horizontal surfaces including the floor, the top of the bed, the furniture surfaces, chair cushions, ottomans and even exercise the equipment. If you can, find another room for the treadmill or stationary bike.

Contain like items with organizing containers and bins that can be purchased for a range of prices. I recommend that you begin by using the ones that have already. Think function first and aesthetics later. Buying pretty bins that match your color scheme won’t make you more organized. Containing like items and smaller items in bins that are less than three quarters full will help you to stay organized.

Accessorize your space and use soothing colors. Yes, just like you would do to enhance an outfit you can utilize decorative items sparingly to create your sanctuary. This might include mirrors to reflect light and create the illusion of more space. Accessorize with framed art but avoid photographs of extended family members in the bedroom. Personalize the space and add color with small displays of your jewelry, scarves, even handbags. The important thing is to only include items that are pleasing to your eye.

Maximize natural light and let the sun shine in. Natural light is a mood enhancer and a great way to lift your spirits.  Add artificial light if you don’t get adequate sun exposure and limit or cover all electronics and devices with lights at night.

Neutralize the odors in your bedroom. Avoid too many oil diffusers, sachets, and scented candles can clutter the space and your nose. Set a limit of 1 or no scent again, make it something that calms you such as lavender. As with stuff, less is more with fragrance, too. Make sure that towels and clothing have adequate circulation to avoid musty, damp smells. Papers and magazines that sit for a long period in deep piles and bins will attract dust, insects and sometimes mold. Shallow bins are preferable for those types of items.

No matter what is going on elsewhere in your house it’s important to have your bedroom space be your sanctuary.  Recently I assisted a client via Skype using the organizing tips for her bedroom that I described here. I would be honored to assist you as well you can contact me via this website.