Organizing tips for errands

Organizing tips for errands

Organizing tips for errands from your San Diego Personal Professional Organizer¬†will help you to save time and be more organized. In my series, “29 Ways To Be More Generous” I’ve included a variety of organizing tips and time savers to help you to use your time wisely, in a balanced way, and to find ways to be generous to others and yourself. Today’s tip is: Run an errand for a friend or neighbor. It’s so nice that they didn’t even have to ask. This generous time management tip may take as little as 10 minutes or as long as 60 minutes depending upon where the errand is and what it involves. If you are strategic you can bundle it in with the errands that you are running for yourself and your family. That is called being efficient!

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Organizing tips, Time savers ( Ambro)

Time savers for errands:

  • Group errands that are located near one another.
  • Group errands that are similar in duration. You can get a lot of little things taken care of this way.
  • Single out an errand that takes longer and commit to doing only a portion of it.
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Organizing tips for errands:

  • Keep coupons in the car to have them handy.
  • Keep your reusable shopping bags in the car.
  • Designate a container for donations that is located in a convenient place such as your car. As you decide to donate items put them in that container immediately. Once it is almost full take it out for donation.
  • Use a shopping list template to easily mark items that you are running low on. Keep it in a visible place and check off items that you need to buy as soon as you can. Sign up to receive mine and other free organizing tips on: