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Organizing tips for holiday shopping

Organizing tips for holiday shopping are especially helpful because they will streamline the process and reduce your stress. As your San Diego Professional Organizer and Productivity Specialist it is my mission to help you increase your productivity and satisfaction. Let me know what you think of some of the following tips by posting on my Facebook page!

Organizing tips | All year round

Keep ongoing lists of people to shop for and update it every year. Include the gifts purchased and prices.

Organize your gift list starting with those gifts that have to be shipped. Allow yourself lead time and avoid the last minute rush.

Have a written budget and stick to it. Keep a separate file or envelope for receipts.

Purchase gifts throughout the year.

Shop online and save time and gas. Avoid crowds and the hassle of parking.

Be proactive and stock up on gift bags, tissue paper, tape and labels. Use reusable and recycled gift wrapping supplies.

Be creative:

business man foot massage
Purchase services ( Ambro)
  • Identify non-profit groups that are near to the recipient’s heart and consider a donation.
  • Purchase gift cards for experiences, subscriptions and memberships. Examples: services such as professional organizing services (wink), cooking classes, a wine club, car washes, movies, museums

Ask family and friends if they want to select names, a Secret Santa format, and minimize the number of gifts you and they need to buy.

Are you a person who likes to cook or make crafts? Give homemade gifts to those you cherish.

Professional Organizer | Creative way to work with me!

Hate shopping? Hire a Professional Organizer to do the work. Consider what your time and effort are worth then turn your list and budget over to a professional. One powerful time management tool is delegation. You don’t have to do everything yourself. Happy holidays!

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