Organizing tips for Spring

Organizing tips are useful all year round. Let’s look at organizing tips for Spring and focus on 3 goals:

  • Release
  • Renew
  • Rejuvenate

Spring is the perfect time to clear the clutter and open up space. You want to begin to let go of things that are easy to release. Those are items that you do not hesitate to put into the recycling, donation or consignment bins. Clothing that doesn’t fit or is beyond repair needs to go so that you have more space in your closet. Magazines and newspapers that are outdated, never referenced, or you’ve been saving and are ready to admit that you will never make time to read…recycle!

empty closet
Release, let it go! (image: Outside In Organizer)

Organizing tips always begin with release or purging. This is an ongoing process as items become less useful and hold you back from enjoying a clutter-free environment live, work and play in. After releasing, it’s time to renew your space. This is the step where you can reorganize where you keep items and how you store them. It is an opportunity to restart and make your space more functional and aesthetically pleasing. Little changes can make a BIG difference in feeling more organized and productive.

Once you reorganize a space it’s time to rejuvenate the open spaces. You can click here for more organizing tips. Rejuvenate an open space by leaving it empty! Rotating decorative or sentimental items rather than displaying all of them all of the time is a way to minimize clutter as well. You can use decor to rejuvenate and simply change accent colors or paint a contrasting wall.

Organizing tips | 5 Spaces in your home

Home office – It is almost tax time (again) and a perfect time to purge old tax records. Set up your 2018 tax files so that you are more organized for the end of this year. Schedule a monthly block of time to manage your files.

Kitchen – Spring is the perfect time to release the stale, unhealthy food in your refrigerator and pantry. Don’t wait until summer to get in shape, start today by reorganizing your food supply with healthy choices.

Bathroom – Discard unhealthy, toxic products for bathroom cleaning and self care. Replace them with non toxic products.

Master bedroom – Spring is the time to clean your window treatments and replace the sachets and drawer liners in your closets and drawers. Release the old and renew! Open the windows and let the room breathe.

Master bedroom closet – Ask yourself, “what didn’t I wear all winter?” and release it. Reorganize your clothing and make sure everything fits. Rejuvenate your wardrobe… repair shoes, boots, purses.

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