Organizing to go!

binderIt’s not compact, digital, or pocket-size but it is smart. Whatever your preference is is always up to you and determined by your needs. The real question is, “what information do I need to have with me when I am on the go?” See if these ideas help you answer what to organize next:

  • Health, medical information and contacts – to take to physicians, labs, therapies, hospital, urgent care
  • Child or adult care information, emergency contacts – for when you are at work or traveling
  • Banking and insurance information – in preparation for an emergency
  • Confidential information such as passwords and pins – same
  • Job, salary history – when applying for loans
  • Education history – same
  • Housing history – when applying for new housing, a mortgage
  • Warranty and repair information including expiration dates – when scheduling repairs
  • Automobile maintenance records – when you go for your service appointments