Organizing Products

Organizing Products

The best organizing products are the ones that can be used for multiple purposes and/or in multiple settings. I personally use several of the products that I sell on my website as well as recommend them to my organizing and time management clients.This simple item has organizing and time management benefits. Any product that you can easily use to sort and file “like” items together will reduce clutter. It will also save you from wasting time looking for what you need. This is one of my favorites, the all purpose organizer:

Portable organizer

Organize Anything



You’ve probably seen these organizers before and maybe even have one, but have you maximized it’s possibilities? Here are some of my favorite organizing tips for ways to use several of these products for organizing and where to have them:

  • Shopping coupons – keep this organizer in the pocket of your car door, declutter your kitchen drawer
  • Gift cards – keep this product in your console or glove compartment
  • Boarding passes, luggage claim tickets, etc. – keep it handy in your carry on, purse, backpack, briefcase
  • Receipts, parking stubs – keep these organized for tax preparation
  • Important conference information, registration forms – carry this from your office to meetings, conferences
  • Name badges – keep it in your vehicle for various meetings and groups that you belong to
  • Auto insurance card, vehicle registration, road service information – keep it organized in your glove compartment

I would love to hear how you use this organizing product!