Organizing Travel

Organizing Travel

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Organizing travel

Organizing travel involves 3 ongoing steps. They are observation, planning and evaluating. You don’t have to be a Personal Professional Organizer to know that if you take some time to plan ahead, your travel will be more enjoyable. So let’s get organized! Observe all aspects of your trip carefully and take note of what is working and what is not. Plan ahead. It’s great to be spontaneous but probably not for everything. Review your plans before and during the trip. Each day look ahead to the next 2 days and adjust, as needed. Evaluate your trip as you go along can help you to decide- what can be improved next time. Click here to read my other post on Organizing Travel Tips.

Here are some easy to use organizing tips that I know will help you succeed in organizing travel:

Packing tips

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Organizing Tips Packing

I often hear people claim that they hate packing or that they pack way too much. In fact one woman told me that she takes 1 suitcase just for shoes! Remember that what you bring is more important than how much you bring. Limiting your choices during travel means saving time and space. Leave all of those choices at home. Organizing travel means being efficient, resourceful, creative and comfortable. Here are some helpful organizing questions that you can ask yourself before, during and after a trip.

  • Did I bring things that I didn’t use or wear?
  • Were there items that I needed or wanted and didn’t bring?
  • Did I have the important items in my carry-on bag in case my checked luggage was delayed or lost?
  • Did I leave enough room in my suitcase(s) for items that I may buy during the trip?
  • Were the clothes that I packed versatile? Could they be mixed, matched and layered? Could they be dressed up or down?
  • Were the clothes that I packed washable?

Time management tips

A little bit of extra time upfront can save you a lot of time during your travel. Don’t assume that you can just walk into tourist sites or popular eateries with reservations in advance. Take the time to research and read reviews online. Other peoples experiences will help you to know what you need to do before you go. Here are some more helpful questions to ask yourself before, during and after your trip.

  • Were there arrangements that I might have made before the trip that would have made things easier or more efficient?
  • Did I check the weather forecast right before my trip to pack the right items.?
  • Did I contact the hotel to find out if they provide courtesy transportation from and to the airport?
  • Did I make reservations in advance for tours or dinners at popular sites?

Finance tips

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Travel expenses add up very quickly. Keeping track of how much you spend and on what is important information for this and future trips. Even if you are not traveling for work and being reimbursed for expenses, remember to ask yourself these questions when planning your travel.

  • Were there discounts and special offers for our destinations and activities that could save us money?
  • Did I have a vacation expenses budget, and did I stick to it?
  • Is there a grocery store nearby so that I can purchase my own water and snacks?
  • Did I keep track of expenses for future planning?

Self care tips

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Organizing Tips Self Care (, stock image)

Don’t let all of your optimal habits go by the wayside just because you are traveling. Traveling can take it’s toll on your health because you are exposed to so many other people in confined spaces. Also, it’s easy to make choices about sleep and what you eat when you are on vacation, right. The results can also make you vulnerable to illness, fatigue, and backsliding on healthy optimal habits when you go home. Here are some important questions to ask yourself. Paying attention to your answers can save you the stress of resuming your typical lifestyle.

  • Did I check to see if my room is in a quiet location, or is it located near an elevator or on the street?
  • Did I maintain my sleep routine? Will I need a wake up call?
  • Did I find out if my accommodations have an exercise room on the premises or nearby?
  • Did I have an exercise routine?
  • Did I make (mostly) healthy food and beverage choices?

Communication Tips

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Organizing Tips Communication (free, patrisyu)

Sometimes we just want to get away from everything and everyone. You can’t always unplug completely though. Staying touch with family, friends, colleagues and clients may be necessary depending on your individual circumstances. Ask yourself:

  • Will I be able to get cell reception where I am traveling?
  • Do I need to add or block services with my carrier?
  • Did friends and loved ones know how to contact me and where I was in case of an emergency?
  • Did I check in on work related matters or assign someone to cover them?
  • Did I notify clients that I would be away for a specific time period and give them a backup plan for emergencies?

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