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Organizing…the bad news

Organizing never ends

No matter how many things you get rid of, they’ll always be more. UNLESS you get a handle on spending, acquiring, and have an ongoing system for letting go of stuff. For instance, the 1 in 1 out rule. For every item that comes in a similar or like item has to be donated, recycled, or discarded.

organizing files
organizing files ( Stuart Miles)

Organizing is like exercising

You cannot work on getting fit, or organized, and then stop doing what it takes to stay that way. UNLESS you maintain a regular schedule for taking action. For instance, open the mail on a daily basis, file papers that you must keep on at least a weekly basis, hang up clothes every day or put them in the hamper, etc.

Organized means working your system

Purchasing containers, label makers, and file systems won’t make you organized. UNLESS you utilize organizing tools they are useless. Stick to the steps of organizing: purge, sort, contain/label, and then locate. You likely have enough tools already!

organized hanging shirts
Organized items ( WorldWideStock)

Organizing takes time

So does sleeping, eating, dressing and commuting. These are activities we engage in every day without thinking much about them. Getting and staying organized takes time as well. Anything that’s worth doing takes time. If you really want to organize your life, devote a little bit of time every day and reap the rewards.

Organizing can only be put if off for so long

Procrastination is your enemy when it comes to organizing. The longer you wait to get things done, manage your schedule, and clear your space the harder it becomes to get started.

what's your excuse
Procrastination makes organizing difficult ( Stuart Miles)

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