Image & Wardrobe Consulting – the Outside In Approach

I was reading something this morning entitled, “Treating Yourself Well” and it reminded me of why I include image and wardrobe consulting in my professional organizing services. My mission is to help busy individuals streamline their lives so that they make room for what is important to them. This includes being able to create and enhance your individual style. Why is that important? It makes sense to me that while we are striving for efficiency, promotions, the right partner, and simply to be the best person that we can be we deserve to:

  • Feel our best, most confident self inside and out.
  • Project our best self in how we move throughout the day.
  • Share our unique gifts and strengths with everyone we interact with.

My Outside In Approach is not about helping you figure out what to wear so that others will like the way that you look. What excites me is when I see a client look at his or her reflection in the mirror and smile, stand up straighter, and say things like “I never would have tried this on!”, or “My gosh, that is so me! Thank you.” I can see your beauty, star quality, and how to bring that forth no matter what you are putting in the way. Yes, confidence comes from the inside but the synergy between external and internal factors is very powerful and motivating. Yes, it really is all about you!

The perfect time to identify your style and align your image and wardrobe with what you want for yourself is always NOW. You don’t have to wait for the kids to grow up, or to lose five more pounds. Look your best every day, in the body that you’re in today!


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Feel Great, Look Great!