Personal Wardrobe Consultant

Working as a Personal Wardrobe Consultant is very gratifying…

Clients smile at themselves in the mirror, and as we expand their wardrobe clients tell me, “I would never have thought about putting these (clothing) together.” I see them relax and become more playful in their walk, and they tend to stand up a little straighter. We spend 3 or more hours together each time creating outfits from their closet and they never seem to tire. In between sessions they send me photos of the outfits that they put together using the Women’s Wardrobe Tips and Mens’ Wardrobe Tips that they learned from me. The benefits of hiring a Personal Wardrobe Consultant include:

  • How to update your wardrobe
  • Ways to use color
  • Organizing your clothing

Some people, men and women alike, might see working with a Personal Wardrobe Consultant as a luxury. The benefits are well worth the investment in time and money. For example, compare what it would cost you to purchase 15 or more new outfits with the number of outfits you learn to build from your current wardrobe! You also learn which items to consign so that you get the benefit of sales, and which to do donate (tax benefit).It’s difficult to put a specific value on the benefit of this mood -boosting and confidence -building that results from wardrobe and image consulting. It’s not only about the confidence you feel when you look great in new outfits. It’s about empowering my clients to learn how to create the outfits and shop when I am not with them!

So let’s get those clothes out of your closet and start shopping!


Creating outfits from your wardrobe

Organizing Clothing