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Organizing Your Life From Outside In

A collection of simple affirmations to inspire and motivate readers to organize their lives.



Reviews for “Organizing Your Life From Outside In”

“I’ve read many, many books on “how to” get organized. That’s part of my problem, too many books! When I first picked up Denise’s book and opened to a random page, there was a quote that spoke right to who I am and how I have been living my life. This book is fantastic because it’s not the how to but rather the mental shift that we need to have. Having Denise’s words echo in my head throughout the day helps me to stay focused and encourages me to make choices to live a more organized life. This is a must read for anyone who has struggled in their battle against the clutter.”

Alisa D.


“This is a book that empowers you through gratefulness. The positive affirmations provide a lovely way to start the day or end it for that matter. I enjoy the way the book is divided into sections about areas of life/space/time. There is power is this little book way beyond it’s simplicity. Denise has a wonderful way of sharing and leading without shouting or demanding that you do anything but ponder each inspiration. An easy, simple and lovely way to spend a few minutes each day. It reminds me of a Gratefulness Book I read years ago yet is different in many ways too. Bravo Denise for a lovely “inspirational” journey… ”

Vembra H.


“I love this book! So easy to have close to my desk as I’m working and just reach for it and receive the exact message of inspiration or clarity that I need for the moment. Each page offers an insight that can apply to the surface task of getting and sustaining less clutter, but also offers a more complex insight into the art of living. Thank you, Denise, for putting into paper and into words these pearls of wisdom!”



“This was a book that I couldn’t put down once I started reading it. The book is written in a clear and heartwarming manner so that the inspirations are all easy to implement and wonderful to think about. I would highly recommend the book to anyone who wants to create organization in their home or life.”

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