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Professional Organizer tips

As a Professional Organizer I ask clients, “if you were moving in today and this space was empty, how would you like it to function and look?” It is essential to have a vision and goal(s). Let me tell you a story…

Empty wall space
Clear clutter

The other day I was working with a client. Like many of us she is struggling with major life transitions and couldn’t find the time or energy to declutter her house. There were stacks of magazines and unopened mail as well as bins of clothing. Clear floor space was limited and posed not only potential safety hazards but emotional obstacles as well. Rather than sleep in her bedroom she slept on the couch. Unable to find space in the office she worked in the dining room. Weighed down by palpable grief and a very demanding job that required frequent travel, this client was understandably overwhelmed.

Despite the fact that the clutter added to her stress she never lost sight of her goals. She was determined to get her house organized and ready for much needed maintenance and improvements. Ultimately her goal was to be able to feel comfortable inviting friends in to her home.

You cannot force someone to be ready to make big changes and throughout our work together she made some progress towards her goals. Then recently, a breakthrough occurred and the office space was purged and reorganized. There is always more to do but the results were visible and uplifting. Everything was beginning to have a place to “live” in.

Professional Organizer tips

Empty space is an opportunity to rethink how the space can be used, or not used. Empty space does not always need to be filled again. Clutter deters clarity whether it is a physical space, a cluttered to do list, or an overextended schedule.

Empty space makes it possible to start organizing. Whenever you are able to completely clear the space begin by doing that first. Think about how you want the room organized once only the items that you are keeping return to that space.

You are more likely to clear clutter and create more empty space if you follow the basic steps of organizing:

  • Purge
  • Sort
  • Contain
  • Locate

The organizing process applies to all types of organizing including physical space (closets, drawers, cupboards, file cabinets, glove compartment and so on). The organizing process applies to digital space as well. For example, your desktop screen, your email inbox and folders, and your photos.

Decluttered space
Decluttered space

The benefits of organizing and creating an empty space to begin working in are numerous.

  • Health, safety
  • Efficiency, productivity
  • Aesthetics
  • Financial
  • Emotional, psychological

Professional Organizer tips

The best organizing tip that I can offer you is that the best time to start organizing is NOW. What are you waiting for?

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