Professional Organizing – How to be thorough

It’s “Thorough Thursday”! Once a week, pick one project where you want to do deep organizing. Professional Organizers are trained to help their clients move from the broad, big picture (macro approach), and then, to the specific and detailed approach (micro). You will have more success if your are doing this, too. Let’s use a medicine cabinet as an example. MACRO: First, take everything out of the cabinet. Quickly throw out empty containers and expired items (not prescriptions, more about this later). MICRO: Sort items that you use on a daily basis and need easy access to then place them back into the cabinet. Items that are used less often can be moved to a drawer or another cabinet. Disposal of prescriptions is important to prevent medication from getting into the wrong hands or polluting our water systems. Here is a helpful resource for prescription disposal:

medicine bottles

Thorough Organizing