How To Reduce Paper Clutter

Reduce paper clutter

Reduce Paper Clutter

How to reduce paper clutter

Reduce paper clutter and you will feel lighter. The steps depend upon the type of paper items such as circulars, coupons, meeting handouts, or mail. In this post your San Diego Professional Organizer will share her 5 Organizing Tips For Handling Your Mail:

Purge the mail that you have…

Obstacle: You hate to open the mail because you don’t want to have to decide what to do with it.

Solutions: Delegate it to someone else to do open and sort. Don’t have a family member, friend, or staff person to delegate it to? Do it while you are relaxing and having a cup of tea or coffee, or listening to music.

Reduce incoming mail…

Obstacle: You bring it all into your home or office.

Solution: Sort the mail before it comes into your space and have a “home” for it. That is, put it where it belongs.

Create a home, or mail station…

Obstacle: You don’t have a designated place for the mail that requires action, versus non-action (reference)

Solution: Once you’ve sorted the mail you can put the action items into a “tickler file system”. This type of system works with you calendar so that you get it done and don’t miss timelines.

Decide quickly – action or reference?

Obstacle: You get rid of the junk mail but don’t open and sort the rest.

Solution: As you open each piece of mail ask yourself, do I have to do something with this (call, email, pay, mail, etc.)? If so, this is an action item.  If not, ask yourself is it something that I need to file for reference later and need the paper copy, or read at a later time. Both are reference items, that is, they do not require action.

Schedule action items…

Obstacle: The action mail items are not assigned a specific day and time to be done.

Solution: Make an appointment with yourself to do the action item(s) on a date and time that you put on your calendar.