Scheduling unscheduled time

Scheduling unscheduled time

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Scheduling unscheduled time? As a Time Management Coach I’m all about time management of course, but not for the sole purpose of just getting more checked off of your to do list. My emphasis is about managing your time in order to have more work-life balance which means:

  • Time for self care.
  • Time for your relationships.
  • Time for personal development.


Today’s time management tip in this series of blog posts, “29 Ways to Be Generous” is the following: Schedule unscheduled time.

Scheduling unscheduled time – how to…

It’s easier than you think to dedicate a block of time with nothing in it. But the intention of not planning anything for that block of time has to be there. Time management tips for your unscheduled time:

  • Try it once a week, at least.
  • Do this for no less than 15 minutes.
  • Remember to set an alarm of notification so that you can stop whatever you are doing.
  • Schedule unscheduled time on a day and at a time that you can be alone and just be.


29 Ways to be Generous

Time Management Tips

During this month of November when gratitude and abundance is at the forefront, show some self gratitude. Appreciate all that you have and all that you are. Make time for yourself, your spirit, and the people that care about you. We have an abundance of time when we are present, mindful, and pay attention to the choices that we make about how we use our time. If this feels like an area of life that you would like to focus on and would be open to help, I would be honored to be of assistance and coach you through a simple process. You can schedule a confidential one hour session that we can do by phone in the comfort of your home or office. It makes a great gift, too!