Time Management and Productivity for Home and Office

Basic package includes three, 2 hour sessions. These can be in person, online or by phone.

Often, your clutter or stress is caused by an inefficient system for scheduling, prioritizing, and decision making. Begin with the basics, my 3 Session Time Management Package will enable you to:

  • Assess your time demands realistically, establish a weekly schedule
  • Determine what you need to get done, streamline the rest
  • Make time for what you want to be able to do, create balance

Maintenance sessions are available to help you stay on track.

Other Time Management services:

  • Email and paper management, filing systems
  • Tickler file system for information tracking and access
  • Efficient workspace arrangement of furniture, equipment and supplies

Space Organizing and Decluttering for Home and Office

Individual sessions and packages are available. Not local? These sessions work great online, too.

If stuff is overwhelming you and your space you can get help with deciding what goes and what stays. These hands-on sessions are designed to help you make those decisions and declutter your space to lighten your load.

  • Consultation – the big picture, what’s needed, the priorities, action steps
  • Sorting – assess your inventory, you need to know what you have, first
  • Purging – decide what goes and what stays
  • Organizing – where to put items you keep and how to contain, label, and store them
  • Space usage – identify a place for everything to maintain everything in its place

Maintenance sessions are available to help you stay organized and adjust to any changing needs.

Image and Wardrobe Consulting

Individual in person and virtual sessions and packages are available.

You deserve and need to look your best for every occasion… casual, work, formal and play. Are you ready to feel more confident dressing and shopping for your body type? These sessions will show you how to do that with ease.

  • “Shop In Your Closet” sessions help you determine what looks good, and what no longer needs to stay in your closet. I’ll give you new ways to expand your current wardrobe by showing you how to create outfits and accessorize.
  • “Guided Shopping” sessions enable us to go shopping without the pressure of buying. You will learn what fit, styles, and colors make you look fabulous!
  • Personal Shopping sessions are available when you are ready to add to your wardrobe or shop for a special occasion (dating, job interview, special event).

Additional image and wardrobe services:

  • Closet and Wardrobe Analysis
  • How to create new outfits from your wardrobe
  • How to organize your wardrobe, and pack for travel

Single Sessions and Packages are available in person, by phone, by phone, or online.

Personal & Professional Time Management

Time Management for either your San Diego Home and Office

  • Declutter your schedule and to-do list
  • Scheduling techniques for productivity
  • Effortless time & life management tools
  • Your San Diego Personal Organizer Denise Levine will help you achieve a reasonable action plan to bring balance to your daily life

Personal Organizing & Decluttering Services

Organize the Space Where You Live, Play and Work

  • Declutter and sort what you need to keep and what you want to release
  • Establish manageable systems for organizing and accessing your items, papers, and more
  • Create healthy, safe, and user-friendly rooms that meet your goals

Wardrobe & Image Consulting

Organize Your Wardrobe and Look Great! Image Consulting for Every Body Type

  • Clear your closet of items that no longer work
  • Expand the number of outfits from your current wardrobe
  • Learn to accessorize, pack for travel, and shop