Stay-cation Checklist

There are benefits to planning your stay-cation, right? Save money, save gas, you don’t have to pack much, and you exercise your creative muscles! Still, it requires some organizing and planning. So let’s think in categories:

OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: Plan something you can do with the family and friends!

  • Visit your local Chamber of Commerce or AAA and check out places to walk, hike, botanical gardens, etc. Take advantage of coupons and discounts for children and seniors.
  • Find out what the sporting goods stores suggest for biking, hiking trails, bird watching and camping.

CULTURE, ENTERTAINMENT: Be a tourist in your home town!

  • Go to places you’ve never been, or haven’t been to in a long time. Check websites for days/hours there are specials and discounts.
  • Keep a journal and write reviews of each place, exhibit, or event. Send distant friends and relatives a family newsletter (why wait for the holidays)!

CHARITABLE: Enjoy the gift of giving to others.

  • Volunteer at a food bank.
  • Sign up for a local Habitat for Humanity project.

INDOORS: Fun ways to share and organize!

  • Host a neighborhood garage sale or clothing exchange party. Donate everything that isn’t sold or taken to a community resource center or shelter.
  • Organize a game night. Bring out the board games, dart boards, or just play charades!

What else is on your list?

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What's on your list?