Storage Do’s and Don’t s

Storage Do’s and Don’t s | 7 Absurdly Easy to Implement Organizing Tips

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Storage Do’s and Don’t s

Storage do’s and don’t s are important so that you don’t waste time, space, or money! Think about these organizing tips:

Organizing Tip #1DON’T rent off-site storage for items that you know you will need in 6 months or less. Unless you are moving out of the country for a year or more, off-site storage is an unnecessary and costly expense. As a Professional Organizer most people tell me that they don’t even know what’s in their storage units after awhile! DON’T procrastinate. DO make a decision and act on it. Keep it or let it go.

Organizing Tip #2DO Declutter before you purchase storage containers. I know, you can always return what you don’t use but most people don’t bother to return items which ends up being a waste of money. One of the benefits of organizing is that when you declutter and downsize the number of items, you are often left with containers and bins that can be re-used. Clutter takes up space and once you alleviate that problem you have a clearer idea of whether or not you need to purchase storage containers and if so, how many.

Organizing Tip #3DON’T waste living space by storing multiple items of the same type. Sounds obvious but as your San Diego Personal and Professional Organizer I can tell you that people are amazed with how much space they have when extras are stored in the garage or attic. DO keep what you need on hand and within easy reach.

Organizing Tip #4DO use clear bins and containers to help you to remember what they contain. This also eliminates the need to label every container, saving you time.

Organizing Tip #5DON’T buy storage containers and bins just because they’re pretty! DO consider what you are putting into the containers and where you are putting them. Fabrics may be attractive but they tend to collect dust. Bins in moist environments such as garages, basements or bathrooms hold moisture and which may ruin the contents. Cardboard and paper boxes (banker’s boxes) have a tendency to attract insects.

Organizing Tip #6DON’T store someone elses items long term. You may think that you are doing someone a favor but it is a situation that can become a problem. Children go away to school and forget what they’ve left at home. Students live in small places with roommates and don’t end up needing the items they’ve left behind. When the time comes for you to remodel or downsize you’re stuck with their stuff and time can become an issue. DO set time limits. Agree on how long you will store others items before they must retrieve them. DO set space limits and agree on how much you will store.

Organizing Tip #7DO store papers that you know you will need for taxes, their value (deeds, titles, wills, trusts, etc.), open legal cases and claims or for sentiment (limit these).

Sometimes all you need is a consultation or coaching advice so that you can get started. This can be done in person and online. Check in with your San Diego Personal and Professional Organizer today.