Summer Organizing Tips

Summer Organizing Tips: Don’t Do It!

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Summer Organizing

My best summer organizing tip: don’t wait until summer to get it done. Do you or someone you know have a long list of summer organizing projects that you plan or hope to get done? The key is to have a plan because just hoping, never works. Summer organizing is an artificial goal. Most organizing projects, in most parts of the country, can be accomplished throughout the year. See my special offer below.

So, I am declaring the unthinkable and telling you that, “Summer organizing doesn’t really work!” Here’s why:

Organizing Tips: Imaginary “free” time doesn’t exist

We all have 7 days a week, 24 hours in a day. There is no such thing as “free” time. Yes, occasionally an appointment is cancelled and you end up with unscheduled time. When that happens, how do you choose to use it? Do you squander the time or go to your organizing project to-do list and chip away at something on your list? Waiting until summer is just another way of  procrastinating. As your San Diego Professional Organizer I am here to share my favorite organizing tip: Don’t put things off. I can tell you that some of the challenges in waiting for summer to organize things are:

  • Less structure and accountability – we tend to get less done when we lack structure, deadlines and accountability. Have you noticed that you get more done when you are busy?
  • Tendency not to schedule time to organize – when you are on vacation or your children are home from school there is a tendency to get out of your daily routine. That requires you to schedule dedicated days and times for your organizing projects.
  • Weather obstacles, outdoor projects – sometimes it is too hot or too rainy to tackle the outdoor projects.
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Organizing Project

Organizing Tips: Summer Presents Competing interests

Let’s face it, when given the choice many of us would prefer to relax or socialize than work on our summer to-do. If you put off your organizing projects until summer you may have to contend with these competing interests:

  • Quality time with friends and family – How can you spend time organizing when you are planning family reunions, barbecues, play dates, etc.? Organizing tips: schedule time to de-clutter and organize at least 2 weeks before your social engagements whenever possible.
  • Visitors arrive – When you are getting the house ready for visitors you might find yourself stuffing items from the guest bedrooms and closets into the garage. Wouldn’t it be better to clear and organize the garage before summer? Organizing tips: re-organize your garage every quarter.
  • Travel distractions – You meant to go through your closet and get rid of old, ill-fitting clothes but now you need to pack for your trip. You intended to clear out the office files and make room for your current paperwork. Instead, you have piles of travel brochures, itineraries, and maps. It’s time to re-prioritize and organize now. Organizing tips: Schedule an hour 2 weeks after you send off your taxes, to set up your files for the next year.
  • Lack of motivation – Sometimes you just don’t want to organize during the summer despite your best intentions. When you put things off and know that summer is a limited window of time, you can end up feeling overwhelmed. Being in a state of overwhelm can cause paralysis and inaction. Organizing tips: Take advantage of my special offer (see below).
  • Financial constraints – Is you income slower during the summer? Are you putting money aside for your vacation and avoiding the purchase of new shelving? Organizing tips: By spreading out your organizing projects you can actually spread out your expenses and make your organizing projects more manageable.

My offer: Make a year-long plan for organizing your home and office. Schedule your Personal 3-Step DIY Action Plan

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