Organizing Purses

Organizing Purses Organizing purses is much easier than you think. This of course depends upon  how many you have and how much space is available for storage. We often accumulate more clothes, purses and other accessories than we actually wear. It’s not unusual for me as a Personal and Professional Organizer to find items with price tags still on them in clients’ closets. Does this sound familiar? If so, that is why I am passionate about sharing organizing tips for purses, too. The benefits of organizing purses include: greater enjoyment from wearing all of them, more variety in your wardrobe, and easier access to your well kept inventory of purses. Why so many? If you love purses as a lot of my family members and friends do you probably enjoy buying them as much, or even more than wearing them! The “rush” some people get from buying things is well documented. Read more: How Shopping Makes You Happy. Women who love shopping may especially like a good sale and sometimes purchase purses and other items they don’t really need because it’s “such a good deal”. A positive emotional response to shopping and buying is a part of why purse collections grow. Another interesting article to read or share: Emotional Spending. Finally, the other reason you acquire so many purses may be that you don’t take the time (I recommend at least once a year) to go through your purse wardrobe and let go of ones that you are no longer wearing.   How to organize purses Having too many purses makes it impossible to wear them all. I am sometimes asked the question, “How often should I change my purse? Well there is no “should”. I personally don’t like to change my purse except for 2 reasons: change of season,… read more →