Organizing a cluttered garage

Organizing a cluttered garage Organizing a cluttered garage doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. I observe that in fact, sometimes people would rather avoid this project and  resign themselves to parking in the driveway or on the street. That may not be an option for some of you because of neighborhood rules. Organizing a cluttered garage has many benefits. Let me begin by asking you what your vision or need for the garage is. This is a key step for organizing any space in your home because having a vision enables you to create a well thought out plan. Begin organized requires planning and creating systems that can be maintained. Organizing a cluttered garage | Storage, function Let’s consider what the a garage is generally used for. The first function is usually storage. Storage may include any or all of the following items: Vehicle(s) Seasonal items Recreational and sports equipment Surplus household supplies Large and bulky items Paperwork and records Garages may also be used for multiple functions such as: Laundry room Tool and repair center Gardening center Workout area Your garage is no different than any other space in your home. You will decide how you want to use the space based upon your individual needs. As your San Diego Professional Organizer I don’t go in and tell you how to use it until we thoroughly assess the needs of you and your family. Organizing a cluttered garage |What is clutter? Clutter is an accumulation of unnecessary and useless things that are put into the space and never looked at or used again. It includes items that are useful but may be stored improperly and even pose a safety or access risk. Too many and improperly stored objects and boxes that take up valuable space, collect dust, mold, insects and… read more →