Paper organizing tips

Paper organizing tips Paper organizing tips help you to: Reduce the amount of paper. Streamline your paper storage systems. Improve workflow efficiency. When you reduce the amount of incoming paper that you have to keep and read. It also allows you to access what you you need quickly and when you need it. Less paper means less filing and certainly, less piles of paper. Your workflow efficiency is improved because you can see what you need to work on and prevent missing deadlines, or worse, incurring fees. Paper organizing tip: Recycle junk mail before it comes into your house or office. You decide what is junk mail and then act on it immediately. Junk mail may include catalogs, circulars, credit card applications (shred these), and donation requests (also shred). For me, junk mail also includes advertising for things that I can find online later when and if I want to. Why recycle before it comes into your home or office? Remember that there are at least 3 benefits to be gained: Prevent paper clutter. Maintain clear space. Save time. Recycle junk mail | Tips, Warnings Your San Diego Professional Organizer needs to warn you. I found an article on How to stop junk mail . DO NOT USE THE PHONE NUMBER they advise you to call. When I called the number the first thing that you are asked for is your social security number. That’s a red flag. Remember that identity protection is even more important these days. Here are organizing tips to help you to recycle your junk mail: Keep a recycling container in the area that you bring mail into such as the garage or entrance to your home or office. Open envelopes immediately and recycle them as well as the non-essential or confidential inserts. Use an identity‚Ķ read more →