Organizing your home after surgery

Organizing your home after surgery Organizing your home after surgery is as important as organizing before surgery. Your return home and recovery will be easier if clutter is reduced or eliminated and your home is safe and items are easily accessible. The health and safety benefits of organizing can give you a greater sense of independence. As your San Diego Professional Organizer here are my 5 organizing tips for what to do for your return home from surgery: Organizing your home after surgery | Kitchen Organize the kitchen before surgery so that when you return it is safe, items are accessible, and you have what you need for at least 1 week.   Make sure that you or someone discards all of the trash and perishables before surgery. It is a good idea to have the dishwasher empty. Assign the responsibility of grocery shopping to someone who can do this just prior to your return home. Be specific about dietary needs and preferences. As needed, have a set of dishes, flatware and glasses at counter level if you will be restricted in bending and lifting. Remove area rugs to avoid trip hazards. Organizing your home after surgery | Bathroom Organize the bathroom. Discard all trash before your surgery. Create accessible storage for extra paper goods, trash bags, towels, wash cloths, and toiletries. Be prepared and order any special assistance equipment and supplies such as shower grab bars, extendable grabber for dropped items, elevated toilet seat, or shower/tub transfer bench. After my surgery I needed to have wound care supplies such as paper tape, sterile bandages, and plastic wrap on hand. Find out what you need as you prepare your bathroom for after surgery. Organizing your home after surgery | General household Organizing your home after surgery is especially important if you… read more →