Organizing Shoes

Organizing Shoes Organizing shoes is a daunting task. Your San Diego Personal and Professional Organizer knows that you know you need the organizing because you: Have too many shoes to store. Don’t wear all of the shoes that you own. Wear the same ones over and over again The benefits of organizing shoes are many so I want to share some insight and my organizing tips here.  Let’s start with why some women buy so many shoes. Here’s an article about the emotional connection that you may have with: Shoe obsessions. The benefits of organizing shoes and taking control are: Have a reasonable amount of shoes that you enjoy wearing all of them. Create more space without tripping over shoes (improve safety). Adequately store and care for your shoes (reduce allergens). Basic steps for organizing shoes Assess your inventory – get them all in one place to see how much you have and what you can let go of (purge) Sort shoes that are alike in some way: color, function, seasonal Assess your available space – do they fit in your closet? If not, where else can you store the ones that you are keeping? Storage: No cardboard boxes, clear or opaque plastic boxes eliminate the need for labeling. You can also use racks, cubbies or for the more creative types check these out for inspiration: Ingenious Ways to Organize Shoes Creative Shoe Organizing Ideas 1 Unmistakable Solution Buy less shoes! Seriously, you will still need to reduce the amount of shoes. Try not to feel anxious. Think about reducing your inventory and do a  little bit at a time. First, let go of all of the shoes that you don’t wear, that don’t fit, and that you don’t need or want. My organizing tip is always to do the… read more →