Useful clutter tips

Useful clutter tips Useful clutter tips help you to reduce and prevent the accumulation of new clutter. As a Personal Professional Organizer I can assure you that clutter is the small stuff that piles up, sits in boxes, takes up room in closets and drawers, and causes overwhelm. If you agree with the saying, “Don’t sweat the small stuff!”, it’s helpful to apply that attitude to getting rid of clutter. When I say “small stuff” I mean things that are not currently meaningful, important, or useful to you. Clutter is trivial stuff, it blocks energy and takes up space physically, emotionally and financially. To declutter effectively the best thing that you can do is make quick decisions. Getting help from a Professional Organizer will help you to avoid the pitfalls of doubt, guilt, and stress. These are the feelings that cause people to procrastinate and not make decisions. Useful clutter tips address 2 things: How to let go of existing clutter. How to prevent reappearing clutter. Useful clutter tip #1: If items are spoiled or expired discard them immediately and in a safe manner. Discard spoiled and expired food. Toss expired skin and hair toiletries as well as old makeup (especially mascara). Useful clutter tip #2: Contact your physician or the local police station to find out how and where to discard expired medications; do not flush them down the toilet. Remember that one of the benefits of organizing is to create a safe and healthy environment to live and work in. Useful clutter tip #3: Research where you can recycle and dispose of toxic products, electronics, batteries and light bulbs safely. Please do not put them in the trash and read safety instructions very carefully. Even water mixed with some chemicals can be poisonous. Contact your local landfill to… read more →