Time Management

Time Management | 29 Ways to Be Generous

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Sleep in 15 minutes

Time management tips this month are all about how to manage your time and be generous with it towards yourself and others. Today’s Time Management Tip: Sleep in an extra 15 minutes.

Consider time management strategies that allow you to eliminate or shorten tasks in order to gain an extra 15 minutes of sleep. There are likely a number of routines and rituals that you can reassess in order to do this.

  • Prepare your lunch the night before.
  • Choose breakfast options that are healthy and require little or no preparation.
  • Select and lay out your clothing the night before.
  • Use multi-function self care products and makeup that save time.
  • Avoid checking social media in the morning, it can wait.
  • Check emails or voicemail for urgent messages, only.
  • Make sure that you have at least half a tank of gas in your car at the end of your work day. Avoid getting stuck in line when you are rushing to school or work in the morning.
  • Organize a carpool for your children so that you can share this task.
  • If you live with others ask them to help with morning chores. Time management means that YOU don’t have to do everything.

You get the idea that not everything has to be done in the morning. With a little bit of planning and preparation you can make mornings easier, less rushed, and enjoy sleeping in an extra 15 minutes. As a Time Management Coach I encourage you to give yourself permission to use this tip today.

Time Management | Your Mindset

If your view of time management is burdened with a mindset that says “I can’t” I challenge you to try it anyway. If your prior attempts didn’t work out as expected, look at what blocked your success and how you can work around it. A mindset that is stuck in “I always fail” will probably ensure that you will fail! One final note. If your view of time management is that it for people who work outside of their home you are missing great opportunities to have a more balanced personal life. Create a mindset of “I can”, “I deserve”, and “I will” in order to read that book, take that course, plan a trip and anything else that speaks to your personal well being.