Time management and self care

Time management and self care

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Time management and self care are learned habits. It may require more or less self discipline for some of us than others so just remember that it can be learned. Have you read my previous blog post about Time Management and Self Care?

Self care habits, or Optimal Habits ©

All habits including self care habits are formed over time and with repeated practice.  The term Optimal Habits © is how I describe those habits that help you to sustain your health and well being. They include being organized and learning effective time management skills that allow you to feel good about yourself and your life. Making time for self care is a choice and the choice is yours to make.

Time management and self care means creating and maintaining a consistent system that allows you to have time:

  • To be alone, relax, cultivate introspection through spiritual or religious practices if you choose.
  • To be with family and friends and socialize.
  • For an uninterrupted 8 hours of sleep every night.
  • For eating healthy meals and snacks without distractions or multi tasking.
  • For being outdoors.
  • For exercise.
  • For fun and pleasure.
  • To pursue your hobbies, interests and personal development.
  • To care for your home.
  • For your career, work, and professional development.

As a Time Management Coach and Professional Organizer I encourage all of you to make yourself a priority. You and those you interact with will benefit in so many ways.

Time management and self care tips

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Here are some tips that you can try for time and management and self care:

Wake up 15 minutes earlier every morning. Visualize something that you can do with those 15 minutes that is important to you and that you feel as if you never have time to do. Spend those 15 minutes doing your desired activity and connect with how that makes you feel.

Take a seated break during the day and stretch.

Schedule time to do nothing! That means nothing except breathe in whatever position you prefer. One caution about doing so lying down is that you may doze off. If your intention is to take a power nap rather do nothing, set a timer and nap.

Nurture your creativity. If you like to write find a quiet location and write on a regular basis. If you like to cook, find 1 day when you make time to prepare something special and comforting. If you like to dance but don’t have time to take a class, close the bedroom door and play your favorite music. “Dance like no one is watching.” I’m not artistic but I love to color in adult coloring books. Do whatever feeds your creative spirit.

Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up. It’s easy to get dehydrated during a busy day. Before you go for that first cup of coffee start self care early in your day.

What else can you make time to do?