Time management and self care

Time management and self care

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Time management and self care are interwoven. May I share some simple ideas for cultivating a self care mindset and time management habits? Let’s start with an article that I found inspiring: Self care tips Did any of these ideas resonate with you? I hope that you noticed that most of them didn’t require much time at all to incorporate into your schedule.

You probably already have self care routines that you enjoy at least occasionally. For some people it’s a monthly massage, a weekly manicure, or working with a therapist. We tend to give our time and attention to things that we value and know are important.

What is your “self care mindset“? In other words, do you think that self care is something that you do only when you have extra money or are on vacation? Do you attend to your self care only when you have “extra” time? Waiting for extra time is probably wasted time! Or do you think that it is too self indulgent to practice self care?

It’s probably time (no pun intended) to reexamine your self care mindset and reassess your needs, if necessary. Remember that like any task or to-do it is necessary to create time in your day, week and month to make sure that it gets done.

Self care mindset

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Time management and self care are a reflection of your mindset about both. Your mindset is something that you have control over. If your mindset is open to possibilities then you will likely view a time management system as a useful tool rather than a rigid or limiting system. As your life changes, and trust me it always will, the way that you manage time needs to adapt to those changes. When you think about self care as a young adult you have specific needs and priorities for that stage of your life. You probably have different responsibilities now as compared to earlier in your life though. As you mature your desire and requirements for self care may need even more attention and intention.

Think about the possible life transitions you may face as a mature adult:

  • Career growth or retirement planning
  • Marriage or divorce
  • Raising children
  • Caring for elders
  • Moving or downsizing

Although each of these life transitions can have both positive and negative aspects they are often associated with at least some level of stress. A self care mindset allows you to make the time to include ways to manage stress and care for your emotional and physical health. As a Time Management Coach and Professional Organizer I encourage you to establish a time management system that will support you.

Tell me, do any of these thoughts sound familiar? (Click on the link so that you can add your comments and questions as you follow Outside In Organizer on Facebook)

  • “When I have time.” Making time for something important is a choice. Don’t forget that we all have the same amount of time, 24/7. The question is always how do we choose to allocate our time.
  • “I don’t have enough time.” All or none thinking is non productive. Exercise the less is more belief and ask yourself if going for a short walk outdoors is better than not walking at all.
  • “It will take too long.” Perfection is highly overrated. Often, good is good enough. I worked with someone who struggled with finishing projects because he always believed that it needed more tweaking. Understanding that striving for perfection was causing him to miss deadlines and jeopardize his credibility at work was the bigger problem eventually allowed him to let go and get it done.
  • “I can’t seem to stick with it.” Having a system allows you to get back on track. Everyone has good and bad days. Remind yourself that each day is an opportunity to continue AND begin again.
  • “It feels selfish.” Remember the instructions for putting your oxygen mask on first? Is it being selfish when you take care of yourself and therefore are able to be there to help others? Maybe you can re-frame selfish in a positive way.

Time management skills

Time management and self care don’t come naturally to everyone. You need a variety of skills to help you to create and maintain a self care oriented time management system. Decision making and prioritizing are critical skills. So is the ability to set healthy boundaries and learn when and how to say “no”. This will reinforce your priorities and help you recognize what needs to get done and when. Another time management skill to practice is delegation. One way to balance your load and create time for yourself is to be able to delegate tasks that you don’t need or want to do. How adept are you at estimating time? The ability to estimate time realistically is essential for planning, scheduling and meeting deadlines. Are you always running late and feeling stressed out? If so, this may be a skill that you need to address in order to promote self care.

Time management and self care – next steps

Be clear and specific about your priorities. Choose just 1 of your priorities so that you don’t get overwhelmed. Schedule a realistic and adequate amount of time to build this priority into your schedule. Of course, call me if I can support you.