Time Management, Music

Time Management, Music

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Time management has many benefits. When you don’t have a system for time management,  or use the system that you have, the harmful consequences become evident quickly. Here are 7 examples of how poor time management can harm you:

  1. Well being – When you are struggling with time management it will negatively affect your well being. Increased and chronic levels of stress can wreak havoc with self esteem as well as your health.
  2. Sleep – Regular and adequate sleep is critical for your physical and mental health. If you are constantly under stress it can impair the quality of your sleep. Do you have trouble falling asleep? Staying asleep? What about waking up in the morning?
  3. Eating – Poor time management is often seen in a lack of planning, scheduling and routines. The consequences of this include poor food choices, wasted spending on fast food, or skipping meals.
  4. Productivity-Without time management it is often difficult to get work done in a productive manner. Keeping track of due dates is important as is learning to set healthy boundaries and only taking on what you can accomplish. Do you procrastinate and avoid the tasks that you don’t like to do? Read on to see how music might help this.
  5. Personal credibility – What do your friends, spouse or relatives think about your credibility and reliability. Do you remember to RSVP before the deadline? Are you often running late and making them wait for you? These habits can impact relationships in unhealthy ways.
  6. Accuracy – If you find yourself rushing to get things done you are more likely to make mistakes. When you don’t give yourself enough time to get to a meeting you may miss an exit or turn. When you aren’t planning ahead for projects or meetings you may show up without all of the essential information or materials.
  7. Career stability – Missed deadlines and showing up late never instills confidence in your supervisors or coworkers. To be well-regarded and considered for career advancement you want to demonstrate your time management skills on a consistent basis.


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Music is a great tool and often under-utilized in terms of time management. Here are a few tips that you can try out if you want to enhance your time management skills and have a bit more fun as well:

Set your alarm – do you wake up to an alarm and if so, is a sound, the news or music? As a Time Management Coach I am a steadfast proponent of a daily sleep routine. How you wake up is almost as important as how much sleep you get. How you wake up can set the tone for the day. Try music that makes you happy, but nothing that is too soothing that it will lull you back to sleep. Whatever you choose, avoid the news because that can wait.

Dance while you clean – I love a clean home but I hate cleaning. My best tip for making cleaning go faster is to play energizing music, something that makes you want to dance. I would love to know what some of your favorites are and then I will share mine.

Wash the dishes – Have you ever thought about recruiting your significant other to clean up after dinner. Try playing “your” song while you and he wash and dry the dishes. Keep the dinner candles lit, too. When you take the time to make mundane tasks special it truly becomes quality time.

Time Management, Music

Time Management, Music (freedigitalphotos.net stockimages)

Time Management, Music (freedigitalphotos.net stockimages)

You might not need a Time Management Coach if you can motivate yourself and be driven by the benefits. Read:  15 Amazing Benefits of Listening to Music

Planning, Music – Try listening to calming music while you review your calendar and plan your week ahead.

Sleep, Music – Wind down at least 30 minutes before going to sleep at the same time every night. Play soothing music, only.