Time management tip

Time management tip

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Manage time to volunteer (freedigitalphotos.net, franky242)

If you are using my time management tips then you are finding ways to:

  • Save more time.
  • Create greater work-life balance.
  • Be generous to yourself and others.

The benefits of time management are to enable you to identify more satisfying ways to use your time and prioritize. Today’s time management tip is to: Save time in order to be able to volunteer. How much time would you devote to a volunteer activity, perhaps 60-120 minutes a week?

When you want to decide what type of volunteer activity to become involved in start by identifying what your passion is. Often, a personal issue may spark an interest, for example, having a sibling with special needs. Perhaps you or someone you know has weathered, or is struggling with, a personal crisis. It may be that you are driven to address a community issue such as homelessness or substance abuse. There are so many issues nationally and worldwide that the possibilities are endless.

Start by spending just 1 hour doing some research to see where there are opportunities that match your passion and interests. To get you started and save you time, here are some sites that I came across:

Time management benefits

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Manage time, volunteer (freedigitalphotos.net, stockimages)

If the purpose of today’s time management tip is to save time and be able to volunteer. Here are the benefits and why you want to be generous with your time:

  • Help others and therefore help yourself.
  • Feel more productive with how you use your time.
  • Use your skills and life experiences.
  • Enhance self worth.
  • Enjoy and recognize the abundance in your own life.
  • Express and receive gratitude.
  • Incorporate your desire to travel and volunteer abroad.

Please remember that the purpose of saving time and becoming more efficient is not to get busier. Rather, it is to clarify your priorities and make choices that align with those. Wishing you more balance!