Time Management Tips

Time management tips:

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Time Management Tips

Time management tips are helpful if you are you interested in ways to better use of your time. During this month and the Thanksgiving season I’m sharing my 29 time management tips with you. All of these tips take as little as 2 seconds and no more than 120 minutes.

Time Management Tips take no time at all! Estimate how long you think that it would take use time management tip #3: Catch someone doing something right and acknowledge it. As your Time Management Coach I estimate that you could accomplish this in 30-60 seconds; Try it and time yourself. “You did a great job!” “That was so thoughtful.” Imagine how that person will feel when you do that and how using this simple time management tip will make you feel. Can you find 30- 60 seconds today to tell someone that they did a great job? If not you can look in the mirror and tell yourself that you did a great job.

Time management tips help you to feel more in control. When you use these tips you begin to realize how you can get the important things accomplished at the right time. Being able to efficiently use your time ensures that you are able to make the decisions without feeling like you are always in crisis mode. If you can start to work on just a couple of these skills you will be able to create the balance that you need to feel productive. Key time management skills:

  • Planning: Your first step is to set aside a block of time to plan what you need and want to get done. Purge unnecessary tasks and meetings from your lists and calendar. If you keep re-writing the same tasks on your to-do list it’s time to get real and decide if you are going to do it (or not) and if so, do it. Delegate those things that someone else could do as well or better than you can. You do not have to be the only person to get things done. Finally, postpone those tasks that are not urgent. They can be done at a later time.
  • Prioritize: Identify 2-3 priority tasks that need to get done. Remember that not everything is of equal urgency. After you complete those top 2-3 priorities select the next 2-3. If new priorities come up then it’s okay to re-prioritize.
  • Time Estimation: Learn realistic time estimation and how long a task will take to complete. Successful planning is dependent upon time estimation. Be willing to break up longer tasks and projects into smaller ones in order to get it done.
  • Scheduling: Scheduling a specific day and time to work on a task will let it check it off that list. Using your schedule instead of a list will allow you to check each item off and manage incoming ones.

Let me know about your successes so that I can say, “Great job!”