Time management tips

Time management tips

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Time Management Tips (freedigitalphotos.net sixninepixels)

Time management tips are meant to help you choose to make time to be generous towards yourself and others. I compare it to the instructions that we get from flight attendants, put on your oxygen mask first. Here is an article, 7 Tips For Self-Care (it says that it’s geared towards nurses but it applies to all of us). If it sounds selfish to focus on self care just remember what some of the consequences of ignoring self care are:

  • Lack of energy, fatigue – causes errors, accidents; tendency to make you want to skip much-needed exercise
  • Short temper – impacts those you interact with, negatively affect your self esteem
  • Stress – adverse affect on sleep, diet and health
  • Illness – compromises your immune system, may be prone to getting sick

In my series,  29 Ways to Be Generous with time, I am highlighting the importance of creating greater work-life balance. These time management tips will integrate easy ways for you to manage your time to create space for your needs so that you will be more balanced and available to others. Check out today’s time management tip:

Time Management Tips

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Eat dessert first!

Time management tips this month are about how to be generous including those for yourself, and this one is no exception: Eat dessert first. I would not recommend that you use this one every day. However if you are like me you probably don’t eat dessert very often and so re-prioritizing is okay when done infrequently. As a Personal Organizer and Time Management Coach I encourage you to use my organizing and time management tips to maintain your well-being and foster positive self esteem. Find a time management system that is flexible. People have a tendency to not want to abide by a system that is rigid, it’s just too stressful. If you include time for the most important areas of your life – personal, health, spiritual, work, household, health, financial – you will not feel as if all that you are doing is working. You need to have some fun and unscheduled time for balance. A flexible time management system will also allow you to adapt to unanticipated situations.