Time management tips cont’d

Time management tips

Time management tips from Outside In Organizer and Makeovers are designed to show you how to be generous with your time. Since you cannot save time like you can save money and bank it, it’s wise to be more aware about how you choose to use your time. My 29 time management tips are designed to inspire you to find quick ways to be generous with your time and reap the benefits.

man running to open door

Time Management Tips

Time management tips #5: Hold the door open for someone. This tip is so easy to do and costs you no more than 15-20 seconds. The reason that it is powerful is because it enables you to slow down for a few seconds and do something kind. There is no expectation that you have for that person and it simply feels good to offer this gesture. If you add up the seconds and minutes that it takes to do just the first 5 time management tips that I posted thus far, it amounts to 14 minutes max. Who doesn’t have 14 minutes in their day to be generous?

Time management tips, the benefits

Craig Jarrow calls himself the “Time Management Ninja” and shares the benefits that we enjoy from implementing time management tips. You can click on this link to read his article. The funny thing about time management is that there isn’t much that’s new or different. As a Time Management Coach and Professional Organizer I can help you to assess what is working and what is missing. After that we find the easiest ways for you to make changes and identify the strategies that will benefit you. Time management includes all aspects of your life. When you consider the following 5 benefits you can do your own needs assessment and find the tips that best fit those needs:

  1. A sense of clear priorities, goals.
  2. A feeling of focus and control.
  3. An ability to plan ahead.
  4. A greater feeling of well being, less stress or overwhelm.
  5. Increased work-life balance.

Time Management Tips DIY

I would like to share some ways that you can get started on your own. First, gather your calendar, planner, to-do lists, and notes. These are your action items and the tasks that you will need to make time for. Once you have the information that you need it’s important to decide which calendar system that you will use. It can be digital or paper, what matters is that you choose the one that you will use. The next step is to eliminate everything from your calendar and to-do lists that you do not need or want to do. That’s right, eliminate them because they are time wasters! You can delegate tasks to others if YOU don’t need to do them; that’s a time saver. You can also select from the following strategies if they will meet your needs:

  • “Un-volunteer” from something that you no longer want to do.
  • Cancel unnecessary meetings and handle things via email.
  • Group errands that are in the same geographical area.
  • Out source and hire service providers.

You get the idea. Wishing you great success with the time management tips that you choose!